FCC (North Carolina), LLC

   Even though FCC (North Carolina), LLC was recently established, in 2000, we already have a heritage.  We inherited a culture of creativity and precision...a tradition of excellence, which we proudly embrace.  As part of a global production network under the Japanese parent company of F.C.C. Co. Ltd., we were established with the same high expectations and quiet confidence found in our sister locations around the globe.  Here in Laurinburg, North Carolina, 145 associates approach their work with commitment and confidence every day. 

 Inside our 143,000 square foot facility, we have numerous manufacturing processes which include the assembly of clutches, ATV's and the segmented friction process.

 FCC (North Carolina), LLC in-house manufacturing capabilities include press blanking, press stamping, electron beam welding, milling, machining, double disk grinding, carbonitriding, tempering, segment friction disk bonding, clutch plate sanding and assembly.  All of FCC's associates are extensively trained in the operation and function of process equipment and gauges.  Some manufacturing cells also include robotics to improve efficiency, quality and operator safety.

FCC (North Carolina), LLC

18000 Fieldcrest Road

Laurinburg, NC 28352

Capital Amounts:  $50 million (investment)

Associates:  145 (as of March 2011)

Stock Holder:  F.C.C. Co. Ltd. JAPAN

Building Size:  110,000 square feet

Acreage:  65.0 Acres

Customers:  Honda of South Carolina Mfg., Inc.,Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America Inc., Honda Precision Parts of Georgia, LLC.,  Suzuki Manufacturing of America, BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems, Ford Motor Company, FCC (INDIANA), Inc.

FCC (North Carolina), LLC Products:  ATV Clutch Assemblies, Automatic Transmission Clutch Components, Differential Clutch Components, Clutch Friction Disks.

In-House Production Capabilities:  Press blanking, press stamping, electron beam welding, milling, machining, double disk grinding, carbonitriding furnace, tempering furnace, segment friction disk bonding, clutch plate sanding, assembly.


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